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Engineering competence
for site security

Monitoring centers

The heart of a security organization (... is better state of the art)

Control room, control room, control room or security center – in any case, critical information converges here, which must be evaluated and require a correct reaction.

To get more from your security expert to evaluation criteria and a sophisticated security concept, contact us right now.

The term „control center“ or „control room“ today looks a bit dusty and outdated. Quickly you have a picture of a room full of mechanical or electrical indicators, signal lamps and in the years come communication devices in mind.

Image: Fotolia

Granted – this picture is a little bit covered. And yet many control centers are still far from exploiting their potential, both in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Yet this workplace can be noticeably more effective through technology.

Messages from different systems converge here. Employees should assess, decide and communicate in the shortest possible time. And all this should of course be documented without gaps. It is obvious that a modern control center will do all this much more effectively than relying on checklists and the telephone. But there have been significant improvements in software over the last few years, which bring significant benefits.

Reason enough to take a closer look at your existing or planned control room, control room, control room or security center. We are happy to assist you as a manufacturer-independent consultant and specialist planner for a non-binding conversation.

Image: Advancis

Image: Advancis

Questions to ask when planning or upgrading a security center, a power station, or a control room:

  • What requirements should be placed on the site?
  • How should the usage unit be designed (ergonomics, occupational safety and fire regulations, interior design and equipment, …)
  • What requirements should you have for workplace design? How can a reporting system, software, media and communication technology create a maximum effective system?
  • How can work processes and tasks be optimized? How can you specifically increase the efficiency and effectiveness of state of the art systems? What savings are possible?
  • What competence is required for technical planning (energy, IT, safety technology, emergency power, information security …)? And who can you rely on? (Little hint: on us!)
  • How should the organizational aspects be shaped (personnel, structures, processes, message chains, reporting, interfaces with authorities, etc.)?
  • Which investment should you expect? What budget should you provide for operating costs? Which form of return on investment is appropriate?

Why you can find the answers to the above questions with us:

  • As a manufacturer-neutral engineering office, we are on your side. We think about projects from the end and dedicate ourselves completely to your project success.
  • You benefit from our accumulated performance competence. Our team of architects, engineers (for electrical engineering, security technology and fire protection) and computer scientists ensures a one-stop-shop service for you!
  • We lead your project successfully to the finish! From the first discussions and the stocktaking, over the planning, tendering, monitoring of the realization up to the successful acceptance. We do not depart from your side until the agreed results are realized.

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