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No privacy is not an option!

And he is not for two good reasons. On the one hand, the GDPR requires a data protection officer for companies under certain conditions. This applies to a company when more than 20 employees are constantly engaged in the processing of personal data. On the other hand, good, consistent and transparent data protection creates trust among customers, service providers and partners. So it’s more than avoiding fines and legal consequences. Rather, it can be understood as a meaningful investment in the reputation and reputation of the company.

If your company is required to appoint a data protection officer, then you have the opportunity to opt for an external data protection officer.

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    Privacy – no one can do without it!

    In the many companies, the subject of data privacy ripples rather comfortably. However, if you still want to be successful tomorrow, you should take a closer look at the following points when dealing with data protection:

    • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in effect since 25 May 2018 and ensures uniform data protection legislation throughout the EU. It applies to companies headquartered in the EU and to companies worldwide processing personal data of EU citizens.
    • The GDPR does not protect the data of individuals, but protects the right of individuals to decide on the use of their data.
    • Customers are becoming more and more sensitive today. Many inform themselves about the protection of their rights and data on the Internet and the internal processing of this data in the company. These customers ask critical questions! This is what a modern company should have suitable answers.
    • In view of the increasing digitization, data protection must no longer be an option today, but a duty. Not least because the GDPR threatens in the future sensitive fines for a violation. Keep your business safe from it!

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