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Security consulting
for corporate and cyber security

Cyber Security

Is your company prepared for threats from cyberspace?

IT infrastructures are complex systems with a variety of components. Sometimes working against or next to each other rather than with each other. A cybersecurity solution protects critical web applications, data, and processes, throughout their lifecycle. The business infrastructure must be equipped to have the ability to quickly identify internal and external threats, respond appropriately, and ultimately eliminate the threat.

Cyber Security

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Cybercrime, even terroristically motivated attacks, have arrived in the entrepreneurial reality.

In companies within the private sector as well as in public institutions and authorities. Phishing sites create the conditions for large-scale data theft, as well as viruses and the infinite variations of current malware. The consequences are serious:

  • The loss of critical information
  • Business interruptions, weaknesses and negative influences on public and political processes
  • Image
  • Damage Damage to national or security infrastructures

Comprehensive security solutions must provide intelligent tools, techniques, and processes to stay resilient to advanced threats called Advanced Persistent Threats:

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