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Holistic fire protection
by experienced experts and specialist planners

Fire protection plan

The best fire protection concept for you is our goal

A good fire protection plan creates legal certainty and has aspects of architectural aesthetics as well as requirements of company logistics and – of course – the relative investment and operating costs.

„In the network of structural, technical and organizational provisions, we show you the safe way to meet the manifold requirements.“

We analyze and evaluate potential dangers and risks caused by fire and smoke in buildings. Thoroughly thought out, economically sustainable and fully documented up to the expert seal. We create individual fire safety reports for you.

Why a fire protection plan?

The fact that the outbreak of a fire can be expected at any time was not only stipulated by law. Every glance at the daily press shows how often it burns in Germany.
The fire departments recording around 200,000 fires per year. If it is not possible to limit the fire to a fire compartment, major property damage and possibly personal injury are inevitable.

Experience has shown that the risk of fire can be effectively counteracted in particular by preventive fire protection measures.

In order to reduce damage caused by fires, the building supervisory protection goals stipulate that building structures are to be arranged, erected, modified and maintained, that the occurrence of a fire and the spread of fire and smoke is prevented and in the event of a fire the rescue of people animals and effective extinguishing work are possible.

In order to achieve these protection goals and to master the existing risks, a fire protection concept is created. This defines the object-specific set of all required fire protection measures.

What is a fire protection plan?

Wirksame und passende Brandschutzkonzepte

Effective and suitable fire protection plans

A technically optimal and economically sensible fire protection can only be achieved by a protection target-oriented and risk-adjusted approach. The fire protection concept includes all measures to be taken as well as their justifications.

A generally valid fire protection concept does not exist due to the diversity of the problems. For each structure a special fire protection concept has to be developed. The individual measures of the fire protection concept must be coordinated with each other, so that a smooth interlocking of the measures is ensured.

Who needs a fire protection plan?

Brandschutzkonzept bei Neubau oder Nutzungsänderung

Fire protection plan for new construction or change of use

The creation of a fire protection plan for a building is required if
a) to deviate from the building law requirements
b) or it is a building of a particular type and use (for example, industrial construction, skyscraper, sports stadium, multipurpose hall, hospital, etc.).

In the case of an existing building, the creation of a fire protection plan may be ordered by the authorities if the use of the building is different today than indicated at the time of the building permit.

Who can create a fire protection plan?

Unsere Sachverständigen und Fachplaner sind für Sie da!

Our experts and specialist planners are there for you!

We! And if you need one, we look forward to your inquiry!

Otherwise it can be said that the requirements for the creator of a fire protection plan differ from state to state.

Fire protection plan

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