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Holistic fire protection
by experienced experts and specialist planners

Fire protection audit

Clarify the condition of your fire safety and your liability

Whether the fire protection in a building is sufficient or not, an average person can no longer adequately determine today. The legal situation with building and special construction regulations, with implementing regulations and standards has become too complex for this purpose.

However, if a building operator wishes to appraise his building to the fire protection authorities, he risks end up with binding requirements for fire protection measures. Conditions that are often associated with high investment sums.

What about your fire protection? What about your liability? Inadequate fire protection can lead to serious consequences in case of damage. If this causes harm to persons, those responsible – e.g. CEOs – even prosecuted.

Clarify the condition of your fire protection now! Determine where you stand, where you should stand, and how to take your fire prevention step by step to a legal level.

Bring fire protection expertise into the house! Book now an independent audit by our experts and specialist planners for fire protection.

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