Perimeter security

Perimeter security and outdoor surveillance

Perimeter security concerns the security of a transition. Be it the physical boundary of buildings and terrain, be it the transition from the corporate network to the Internet. In both cases, the perimeter is the first line of defense against external attacks and the legal limit for buildings.

What is perimeter security?

Viewed from the perspective of physical security, it is called perimeter security or field protection when a structural fortification, a structural or technical attachment or natural barrier is used to prevent unauthorized persons or objects from being surrounded or encircled or persons or objects within a terrain an enclosure, such as a prison.

In the context of classical (physical) security, the horizontal and vertical planes are defined as the areas between a building and its outer boundary. The aim is to select the perimeter protection measures to protect against external threats such as theft, vandalism, sabotage, burglary or arson.

It depends on the protection needs of the respective company from which mechanical measures or which technical systems are to be used. The mechanical measures include, for example fence and masonry systems in different heights and versions, reinforced by a Übersteige- and Untergrabungsschutz. There are also technical systems such as video surveillance for day and night as well as video image analysis, thermal camera systems, laser detection, infrared light barriers and other types of sensors. Depending on the threat scenario, in addition to the horizontal, one considers the outer vertical plane, for example, to detect a potential threat from aircraft drones.

It is crucial that the individual measures fit the requirement profile and the overall safety concept of the company. There are also security standards for specific industries or areas that affect the choice of physical security measures.

Detect and alert early

Protective measures should not only fend off. Ideally, they detect and classify a threat as early as possible. This is the prerequisite so that the time span between detection and reaction is as short as possible to effectively intervene. For this purpose, mechanical security technology and electronic message technology must be optimally coordinated with each other. For example, to trigger an alarm before a mechanical barrier such as a fence has been completely overcome. In order for sensors and systems to interact efficiently, the existing hazard management system (GMS) must be integrated with the individual components.

Perimeter security in IT

Perimeter security is also a big topic within IT security. This refers to the demarcation, for example, of a corporate network from a public network such as the Internet. Established perimeter protection technologies include firewalls, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), and anti-virus systems.

Physical perimeter security and IT security bundle diverse components in very different scenarios and for different types of building use.

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