Fire alarm systems

Fire alarm systems optimally dimensioned technically and economically

Fire alarm systems are part of holistic fire protection solutions for buildings of various types of use. Many buildings and public facilities are among the so-called „special buildings“, such as schools, hospitals, homes and prisons. This is reflected in the requirements for structural and downstream technical fire protection. But also the legislator makes appropriate specifications. In general, the DIN standard DIN 14675 in addition to DIN VDE 0833-1 and -2 describes the professional design and operation of a fire alarm system that can trigger a direct alarm of the fire department. The DIN standard applies throughout Germany for the standardized fire service periphery. Details are regulated in the technical connection conditions of the fire-brigades, briefly TAB, municipal differently.

Considerations on fire protection, fire protection concepts and the planning of a fire alarm system should be included as early as possible in the planning of new buildings or the conversion of existing buildings. The overarching goal of installing a fire alarm system: To ensure early alerting to protect people and property and to increase operational safety.

The plan is to DIN VDE 0833-2, the relevant national standard „Hazard alarm systems for fire, burglary and raid – Part 2: Specifications for fire alarm systems.“ It was last revised in April 2017. There are innovations, for example, in the transmission paths and wireless connections Energy supply of the BMA, the detector groups and reporting areas.

Certification DIN 14675

The regulations of the building authority decide how a plant must be planned and dimensioned. Economic considerations also play a role in choosing a particular solution. In addition to the acquisition costs such as the ongoing operating costs.

Then there are the technical aspects. To find the optimal surveillance technology for a building, you need detailed information about the local conditions. For example, it makes little sense to install an optical detector (smoke detector) in a kitchen because it causes disturbances such as steam and smoke. A thermo detector is the alternative to avoid false alarms and at worst high costs for unnecessary fire service operations. Already in the planning phase you should consider all factors in order to exclude potential false alarms as well as without compromising the alarm.

A technically and economically optimally dimensioned fire alarm system is an important step towards more fire protection and operational safety. This reduces the risk of personal injury and property damage as well as problematic delivery losses. The result of the consultation process should be a fire alarm system optimally designed for each individual case. Technically and economically.

You are faced with the question of how best to meet the requirements for a BMA on the basis of the fire protection concept you have available? Or are you planning an extension and need a professional assessment? Concepture is happy to advise you.

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