Emergency lighting

What is safety lighting?

The question: „What is a security lighting?“ can best be answered by a concrete example. Imagine being on vacation in a completely foreign hotel. Suddenly the electricity fails. Now it’s hard to find an exit or emergency exit. That which still shines and the way knows you – that is the emergency lighting.

Emergency lighting is the lighting that turns on when normal artificial lighting stops working in the event of a power failure. The legal basis for this lies in the DIN EN 1838th This requires a security lighting, so that people can rely on your current location and the building in which they are located without panic and safe. A safety lighting is recognizable either by your pictograms, which indicate the emergency route or by a marking on the light itself.

The main goals of a security lighting are:

  • Safe detection of escape routes
  • Ensuring a safe exit from the building in case of failure of the general power supply
  • It helps to find firefighting and safety equipment
  • Safe completion of necessary activities at a workplace
  • Avoiding panic

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What types of emergency lighting are there?

Safety lighting must always be activated if the normal power supply fails. For this purpose, it must be powered independently of the mains. In the way of the supply lies the main difference. For the emergency lighting, a suitable power supply must be found. Basically, a distinction is made between single and central battery systems.

Single battery systems:
They are simple. Each lamp is powered by a directly assigned battery with power in case of power failure. The advantages of this system are:

  • Disturbances on a single luminaire do not affect the entire system
  • The lights work independently
  • There is no need for a separate room for a safety lighting system
  • There is no / low switching time if the normal power supply fails

Central battery systems:
As the name suggests, in this model the emergency lighting system is powered by central batteries. The advantages of this model are:

  • Easier monitoring, maintenance and replacement of batteries
  • A longer rated operating time
  • The batteries for the entire emergency lighting system are in one room
  • Suitable for outdoor facilities (temperature independent)

Where should safety lighting systems be installed?

According to DIN EN 1838, safety lighting must be installed in the following places:

  • Near each first aid post
  • Outside and near each exit
  • At each change of direction and crossing of corridors
  • At each exit door to be used in an emergency
  • Near stairs to illuminate every step

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