Engineering competence for site security

Specialist planning at the highest level

With almost 30 employees, we are a medium-sized engineering office for technical building equipment. However, with one special feature: we only offer engineering services for safety-related tasks.

Thus, we are specialists – and this out of conviction. When planning safety-related systems, we bear a great responsibility – which we gladly set ourselves, with undivided attention and maximum competence.

So we offer flexible services and bundled competence for planning, project management and documentation: With expert overview. Corporate responsibility. And sure vision – at the highest technical level.

Our services in site security

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Our services in matters of site security

From all perspectives …

Complex infrastructures and extensive networking, growing internal requirements and increasing external requirements:

The realization of security and media systems is a complex task that has to bring the structural, technical and economic aspects into the risk-calculated unit in the best possible way.

Founded. The guiding principle. Sustainable.

Our professional services bring in-depth knowledge and goal-oriented methodology, comprehensive detail and market knowledge in planning, project management and documentation sustainable efficient and operationally meaningful solutions.

Our services at a glance

  • Basic determination (according to HOAI)
  • Preliminary planning
  • Preliminary design approval planning
  • Detailed design
  • Contribute to tender and award
  • Creation of specifications and specification of services
  • Construction and project supervision
  • Technical Documentation

Specialist planning for security technology

Planned with a keen vision ...
Whether new introduction, expansion or modernization - ensure functionality and reliability Trust, sustainability and investment protection ensure lasting value. The selection and compilation of safety-related components requires extensive expertise and foresight...

Technical documentation with expertise

What is documented correctly today, tomorrow is also still understandable!
Meaningful data, specifications and graphs, answers to all crucial questions, carefully prepared, neatly archived - and immediately at hand whenever needed. Understandable and complete. Structured and clear. Transparent and clear in the treatment ...

Monitoring centers

The heart of a security organization (... is better state of the art)
Control room, control room, control room or security center - in any case, critical information converges here, which must be evaluated and require a correct reaction ...

Security concept for building use

For effective site security
Individual structures and risk situations of different locations and cultures demand specific safety precautions - and correspondingly special knowledge. A security concept for building use focuses on the location-specific requirements ...

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Stefan Müller

Head of Planning Department
Specialist planner for electronic security systems

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Confidentiality is an important part of security.

For this reason, unfortunately, we can not give any technical, organizational or structural details about the objects in relation to our references from the property security business. We ask for your understanding.

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