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The aim of Concepture is to counter the safety challenges of our time with intelligent and effective concepts.

Without security, there is no freedom. When Wilhelm von Humboldt, the great statesman and philosopher, coined this sentence in 1792, the circumstances were undoubtedly different. Nevertheless, his statement still has the makings of political maxim today. He justified his statement by saying that freedom without security would amount to a life of fear.

Whether social brutalization, organized cyber- and gang crime, economic and industrial espionage: the level of perceived fear in the population is increasing. And to adequately address this is just as important as taking the actual threats seriously. However, not only politics is required for this. Companies and non-profit organizations are also called upon to protect their future viability and, above all, their employees, visitors and people in public spaces.

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What we believe in …

Security is a fundamental right

Everyone in our modern society has the right and need for safety. Since our founding in 2001, we have been working to improve our solutions to protect people, organizations and information. With our work we are directly responsible for effective security measures.

Only holistic security concepts are effective

„a lot helps a lot“ this is just not true. A maximum of security measures inevitably leads to a minimum of acceptance. Finally, increasing the level of safety inevitably leads to a reduction in comfort for people (such as employees). The key to effective security lies in intelligent security concepts: the use of technical and organizational measures that anticipate the response of people to it.

Digitization makes us vulnerable – especially in information security

The Internet is changing the economy and society as fast as it has never done before. The more a business model depends on data, the higher the potential damage in a security incident. Digitalization means everything in advance – a drastic increase in operational speed. An organization that can not afford the speed demanded by the market due to an incident – be it a successful hack or a fire – will be in grave distress.

ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for (William Shedd)

We want to enable our customers – even in view of possible dangers – to move successfully in the market. Entrepreneurship and economic growth have always required to take risks. We ensure that the safety risks of our customers remain calculable. We do this with appropriate measures that do not restrict entrepreneurial endeavors but safeguard them effectively.

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Is your company ready for the GDPR?
Since May 25, 2018, the GDPR is fully valid. Since then, comprehensive documentation and information obligations have come into force. Delicate fines threaten companies that commit data breaches. But privacy is more than turning away legal consequences. Rather, it can be understood as an investment in the reputation of the company.

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